An Order Of Cod, To Go

Executives at Holland Mark Edmund Ingalls can only wonder what became of the 50-pound fiberglass cod designed by the agency’s creative department and recently stolen from its place of display in the Boston Public Garden.
The statue, which is also a functioning sundial, was one of 100 entries in the city’s “Cavalcade of Cod” public art exhibit. The works will be auctioned in November, and the proceeds will benefit local charities.
“They haven’t caught me yet,” joked Bob Minihan, chief creative officer of Boston-based Holland Mark, when asked if the agency itself had engineered the cod-napping to generate free publicity.
“We didn’t do it,” Minihan later insisted. “We’re waiting breathlessly” for the cod to be returned.
Given the slow summer news flow, however, the theft was given nearly as much coverage in some area media last week as Vice President Al Gore’s tapping Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman as his running mate.
One wag inside Holland Mark half-seriously cast blame on rival agencies, suggesting that the Wenham, Mass., woods surrounding Mullen, or the downtown high-rise offices of Arnold Communications and Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos might be good places for police to search.