Opportunity Knocks

Three former McKinney & Silver staffers have hung out their shingle in the Raleigh, N.C., ad community.
The trio–Brad Magner, Melanie Davis-Jones and Dwayne Fry–has named its new venture Front Door.
“We wanted a name that was reflective of our approach,” said Fry, “open, honest, accessible. The tradition of naming ad agencies with last names was hypocritical to the idea of marketing ourselves as a brand. And, of course, we didn’t want to sound like a law firm.”
Initially, the shop will look to recruit local clients as well as take on pro bono work.
And where did they get the name? That seems to be the object of some debate. One story has it that the moniker reflects the fact that clients can access the principals through the front door.
Davis-Jones, however, asserts her partners shied away from incorporating her hyphenated last name.
Magner had the last word on the subject. “I still like Bradvertising,” he said. As in Brad Magner.
–Jim Osterman