Headshot of Adweek Staff

Senior managers at BVK in Milwaukee put their services on the auction block for junior staff at the agency’s summer picnic this month.

Some of the offerings were intentionally trivial, such as an offer to scrape the winning bidder’s car on the coldest day of the year, which in Milwaukee is a pretty cold day.

Others were more substantial, not to mention pure Wisconsin. Executive creative director Gary Moeller offered a venison dinner and a day of trap shooting at the small farm outside of town where he lives. That fetched $160.

The top price, however, went for CEO Michael Voss’s offer of a flight to his cabin in northern Wisconsin, a weekend of muskie fishing, all meals and drinks included. Bidding for that ended at $400.

All proceeds, which at the end of the day totalled $2,000, went to the Shaken Baby Association, for which BVK does pro bono advertising.