Insurgent candidates weren’t the only winners in New Hampshire last week. A new ad for a Web site that aims to inform and motivate a largely complacent electorate hit the airwaves in Boston last week with a provocative proposition.
Created by Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, the 30-second black-and-white spot features a ballot in the upper left corner that asks for a yes or no vote while images representing such polarizing issues as pollution, education, taxation, hunting, abortion, war and free speech play across the screen. The ad concludes: “The decisions haven’t gotten any easier. Participating in making them has.” Up pops the logo in which the V is changed to resemble a check mark.
The nonpartisan site, started by Boston native Justin Dangel, aims to provide citizens easy access to such basic information as the identities of elected officials and how to reach them.
Face it, can you name your state representative. What is her stand on school vouchers?
Spot TV buys will coincide with presidential primaries in such key states as California and Texas.
The site hopes to one one day be ad supported. –Judy Warne