Online Ad Spend Resumes Rapid Growth

Online advertising spending will resume double-digit growth in 2010, reaching $61.8 billion worldwide, according to eMarketer.
Unlike other major media, online advertising spending increased in 2009, growing 2 percent to $55.2 billion, the research firm reported.
By 2014, eMarketer estimates online spending will leap to $96.8 billion worldwide, growing at an 11.9 percent compound annual rate, despite the slow, uneven and fragile global economic recovery.

Meanwhile, the Internet’s share of total media ad spending worldwide will jump from just under 12 percent in 2009 to 17.2 percent in 2014.
“In some ways, the recession has propelled online advertising by forcing marketers with limited budgets to make every dollar count,” said Jared Jenks, an analyst at eMarketer. “Marketers now see online as more measurable, more effective and where people are increasingly spending their time.”