One Stop Shops

When the World Wide Web first started to gain traction as a marketing vehicle in the mid-1990s, it was viewed as so exotic that mere ad agencies were seen as entirely unfit to produce work for it. That, of course, gave rise to the interactive agency, which in its most obnoxious incarnation, featured twentysomething, jeans-wearing CEOs, whose most memorable trait may not have been the usability of the sites they were building but their open disdain for Madison Avenue. How times have changed. The Web has gone mainstream, and so—in some so-called traditional agencies—has interactive. While standalone interactive units are still the dominant model, some of the most noteworthy interactive marketing of the last few years—such as Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s efforts for Burger King, and McKinney + Silver’s “Art of the H3ist” for Audi—has been created by agencies that embrace an integrated model. Below, profiles of five shops for whom interactive work is an integral part of what they do.