One of the Hottest Co-Working Spaces Offers Startups a Sense of Community

As the startup economy and telecommuting grows exponentially, co-working spaces are popping up in major cities across the world. One such space is Alley in New York. By designing offices that are inviting, detail-oriented and, most importantly, cool, Alley has created a spot for startups and freelancers where they feel like they belong to a wider community. With three locations around the city, Alley's flagship space is located in the Chelsea neighborhood. "The aesthetic of the space specifically came from the needs of the community," said Alley CEO Jason Saltzman. "In my opinion, you should not build something without understanding the people you're building it for." One of those needs is for phone rooms. Each room is themed and stylized for maximum comfort and privacy. "We wanted to build the best place possible so they can get closer to success," Saltzman added.


Cozy Cabin

This phone room harkens to a remote log cabin, replete with animal skulls, aged wood and concrete walls.


London Calling

A modern take on the classic London phone booth with historic images of original London phone booths lining the walls. There’s even a replica rotary phone inside.



he Ikea room pays homage to the original Alley location in Midtown. “At that time, we didn’t have enough money for fancy furniture, so this time around, we splurged at Ikea,” said Saltzman.



“For some members, this room feels like a sauna. It’s comforting, and to expand on that feeling, we have added mini-terrariums and plant life to give you a great outdoor feeling,” he said.


Reading Nook

The reading nook gets a lot of use by nap seekers. 


Barber Shop

Said Saltzman: “You can spend 90 percent of your day working on your project and it can become difficult to go do errands. We wanted to make this errand simple by offering haircuts while you are at work. This is indicative of the future and how we see Alley growing.”

This story first appeared in the May 9, 2016 issue of Adweek magazine.
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