Olympus “Blast Off”

Is that a corkscrew the kid is using as fulcrum to launch the family camera into the air? (From this angle, it looks like the one I’ve got at home.) If so, one hopes it’s as sturdy as the Olympus camera claims to be, since Junior’s parents will probably need a glass or two of wine by the time they’ve sorted out this mess. In any case, the ad (via Deutsch, New York) does a lively job of positioning the Olympus Stylus SW as “the world’s toughest compact camera.” And that’s a positioning well worth having. Few consumers are in a position to judge whether a camera takes great pictures or not, if for no other reason than that few consumers are capable of taking great pictures regardless of which camera they use. But they can tell whether something is broken or not, and many have endured the unhappy experience of having a camera break due to the wear and tear it gets in a family setting. The ad’s own photo is in that spirit. It’s not artsy, but it aptly captures the sort of scene any parent will instantly recognize. (Yes, the adults shouldn’t have left the camera where the kid could get at it, but these things happen.) My one quibble is that this kid looks old enough to know better — or, at least, old enough to be getting into a slightly more mature kind of trouble.  –Mark Dolliver