Overall Billings Growth: Flat, at $1.54 billion: (grade D+)
Clients Lost: Campbell’s LeMenu and Great Starts, Publisher’s Clearing House creative, Roy Rogers: (grade D+)
New Clients: AmEx green card, Jaguar, Petrolon’s Slick 50 products: (grade A)
Growth From Current Clients: Up 0.4%, or $6 million: (grade B-)
Creativity: AmEx work is strong, as is Nynex. Print work maintains O&M’s standards: (grade B)
Management Savvy: Charlotte Beers’ first year at the helm was positive. AmEx win marked a great comeback: (grade A)
Teacher’s Comments: AmEx victory and other gains show that, despite financial woes of parent WPP Group, Ogilvy still has grit. Sears defense will be a challenge.
Overall Grade: B-
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