Ogilvy Creative Heads Elevate 5 to CD Posts

As Ogilvy & Mather ecds David Apicella and Chris Wall transition to become co-creative heads of the WPP agency’s New York office, the shop is reorganizing its creative department, promoting five staffers to cd posts this week.

Tom Bagot, 40, and Andy Ber ndt, 35, are acds who have worked closely with Wall on IBM. Terry Finley and John McNeil, both 36, and Chris Mitton, 37, have worked with Apicella. The promotions are the first moves made by Wall, 46, and Apicella, 47, since they took their new positions three weeks ago, following Ogilvy North America chief creative officer Rick Boyko’s decision to retire next year.

Wall sees their jobs as taking full stewardship of their respective brands. “This move codifies the roles they’ve been evolving into,” Wall said.

Finley and Mitton, both acds, have partnered on work for American Express, for which they most recently created a sports-theme effort for ads tied to the U.S. Open and National Basketball Association.

McNeil, an acd and art director, has also worked on IBM and AmEx, as well as Kodak.

“It’s natural, when someone vacates an important position, that it creates opportunities,” Apicella said. “And we took this move the way we did to signify that Chris and I are complete partners and that our roles have changed.”

Wall and Apicella have been focusing on new-business efforts. But Wall insists that the ethos behind the promotions is “more evolution than revolution” at this point, while distinct niches will eventually be carved out.

“In essence, I’ve been preparing for this role for the past two years,” said Bagot. “I will be responsible for [IBM], and so the leadership position will evolve around my work on the brand.”