Ogilvy Ads Tout AmEx Benefits

Ogilvy & Mather is breaking a new national TV campaign for American Express that marks a transition from its aspirational, celebrity-oriented membership spots.
Two 30-second ads airing this week focus on specific cardholder benefits under the continuing tagline, “Do more.”
One spot touts AmEx’s lack of spending limits in a humorous way. As a woman checks out of a hotel, a receipt machine spits out a lengthy bill. The clerk asks the woman if she would like a mint to help her pass the time while the bill is totaled.
The other spot tells how a lousy golfer splurges on pricey equipment with his card, enabling him to rack up membership reward points and pay for lessons.
Sources said Ogilvy is also preparing new Amex ads to air on the Super Bowl.
An AmEx representative would not discuss Super Bowl plans, but confirmed that additional executions touting benefits were in development.