Office Issues

You could get rich selling tablecloths tailored to fit office desks. A poll released this month by the American Dietetic Association and ConAgra Foods finds brown-bag meals are the norm in offices. The poll, conducted in August among 1,024 full-time employees who work at desks, found two-thirds typically eat lunch there. While 44 percent sometimes buy lunch and take it back to the office, most desk lunches (87 percent) are brought from home. (What foods do people bring? Meat/cheese sandwiches are the most common fare, followed by leftovers, fresh fruits and vegetables, and salads.) Lunch isn’t the only time for eating under the fluorescents: 61 percent of workers snack at the desk; 37 percent routinely breakfast there. And while there’s not a big gender gap in desk lunching, women are more likely than men to snack (69 percent vs. 53 percent) and eat breakfast (44 percent vs. 30 percent) at their desks.