When the National Football League took over New York’s Times Square last month for its “Kickoff Live From Times Square,” it wasn’t just kicking off the new football season. It was also initiating a partnership with the city itself to promote tourism and convention business.

A component of that partnership debuted on Sunday: a TV spot that is running on media time donated by the NFL. The commercial, by Wolf Group in New York, will run during football games on stations that include ESPN, ABC, Fox and CBS. The spot features fans of NFL teams cheering New York institutions as they would a sports event.

“The idea was to translate that enthusiasm to things that make New York such a fun place to visit,” said Ned Russell, chief operating officer of the New York shop.

Actors dressed up like fans of NFL teams from cities such as Miami, Denver and San Francisco cheer at Broadway shows, hot-dog vendors and dinosaurs at the American Museum of Natural History, among other things.

“For us, this was like a dream assignment,” Russell said. “It’s great to be able to apply your trade and skill to do something that helps the community around you.”

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