NSA Media Creates Alliance With Wishabi

Integrates print circulars with digital

Newspaper circulation may continue to drop, but one aspect remains a big draw to consumers: ad circulars. NSA Media, the country's largest buyer of newsprint and print circulars, is integrating that print clout with digital through a new e-circular alliance with Wishabi, a Toronto tech company founded by former Microsoft engineers.

NSA, a unit of Orion Holdings, has clients who collectively spend well over $1 billion annually on media. NSA Media president Steve Mueller says Wishabi's technology has reinvented the e-circular user experience.

“If you go back two to three years, the industry used digital flat files, PDFs, not overly sexy but at the time pioneering,” Mueller explains. “Since then people have changed the way they consume digital. Those flat PDF files are not the way people sit in their living room, with a coffee on a Sunday morning, and search. They want a quick, fast, flow just the way they would look through a newspaper [circular]. ”

With Wishabi technology, consumers can scroll and browse through the circular as they would in print. Wishabi provides real-time personalized content based on consumer profiles, geography, behavior and interests. Retailers can utilize back-end analytics that provide insights into that consumer behavior. Wishabi’s distribution network includes MSN, Tribune Co., Boston Globe and CBS, enabling the company to deliver circulars to over 200 million U.S. consumers. The new alliance extends the reach of NSA clients across multiple digital touchpoints.

NSA’s core competency is data and geo/demo analytics focused on local media. While print will still be a strong component at the IPG Mediabrands division, the Wishabi alliance extends NSA offerings digitally through a national platform.

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