Now That Cuba Is Fair Game, People Really Don’t Want McDonald’s and Starbucks to Ruin It

Tweets lament 'Americanization' after nations reconcile

President Barack Obama today announced the United States has restored relations with Cuba, a major policy change after 50 years of immering hostility.

Somewhat ironically, many Americans met news of this long-awaited reconciliation with concerns that it could end up Americanizing the island nation. Twitter rapidly filled with comments from people who worry U.S. brands such as McDonald's, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Orbitz will set up shop in Cuba and "turn it into Cancun." 

According to Topsy's social analytics, more than 800 tweets with the words "McDonald's" and "Cuba" were posted in the first few hours after the announcement. 

Check out some of the tweets below: 

Of the U.S. brands that stand to benefit from the renewed ties, Coca-Cola is chief among them. According to Business Insider, Cuba was one of only two countries where the brand didn't do business (North Korea is the other). As for Cuban brands, a top contender to benefit is Havana Club—its Cuban rum is so worthy of imbibing that many were smuggling it into the country— and should have an easy time finding an American consumer base.

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