Not-So-Much Fear of Flying

The spirit is willing, but the travel budget is weak. In a survey of executives by the Net Future Institute, 49 percent said they expect to travel less on business during the next 12 months than they had in the previous 12. Among those anticipating such cutbacks, just one in four cited fear for personal safety as a key factor. Rather, 63 percent said the poor business climate will mean less travel, while 31 percent pointed to inconvenience due to canceled flights, increased security and so on. In a similar survey conducted for American Express’ SkyGuide, 61 percent of frequent business travelers said they’ll fly as much or more in first-quarter 2002 as they’ve been doing. Seven in 10 said they don’t worry about flying overseas. As for domestic travel, 77 percent said they’re not considering the use of cars or trains as an alternative to air travel.