Norton “Lundgren Loses Head”

“Dolph Lundgren wants to take your unicorn and do bad things to it.” Now if that isn’t a voiceover line to pique the interest of even the most indifferent commercial viewer, I don’t know what is. The spot is for Norton’s Internet Security software, and the idea here is that Lundgren is a cyber criminal and the “magical unicorn” is your online bank account. In one of two unicorn-Lundgren pairings, the actor, in full action-star bad-guy regalia, blasts the doe-eyed creature with a blowtorch-enhanced firearm, leaving it charred, coughing and quivering in pain. I much prefer the spot showing how Norton protects the rainbow-dreamer instead. The little one fires first, shooting glittery dust out of its horn that seems to only send him into a coughing fit but satisfyingly blows off his head in the end.--Eleftheria Parpis