Nohe Returns to Bernstein-Rein

Less than a year after joining Muller + Co. as the the agency’s president, John Nohe is returning to Bernstein-Rein Advertising.

“I’m glad to be going back,” Nohe said. “The more we [Nohe and agency president Bob Bernstein] talked, the more I realized that I had a loyalty to the place.”

Nohe, who was se-nior vice president of new business development at BR when he left, will become senior vice president of strategic development when he rejoins the agency today.

“I’ll play a role in bringing together our core services to meet the needs of the future,” he said. “In this role, I’ll be more in a position to directly affect a variety of things.”

Nohe left the $340 million Kansas City, Mo., shop in September to become president of $45 million Muller + Co. His mission was to develop more strategic and integrated services for the creatively driven shop. Although he’s leaving after less than a year, Nohe said he felt good about the work he had done.

“I feel good about where [they’re] headed and confident that I left them in a better position than when I arrived,” he said.

The agency has launched a national search for for a new senior management executive. In the meantime, the shop’s chief creative officer John Muller and chairman Kathy Muller will assume Nohe’s duties.