No-Show Fallon Still a Presence

Fallon has not entered the Minneapolis ad awards show for three years, which didn’t prevent a campaign the agency created from winning top honors at The Show.

Fischer Edit took home best of show for its contribution to Fallon’s “Stay curious” campaign for PBS. The win is the first time the edit house has captured the top prize at the event, which is co-sponsored by the Ad ver tising Federation of Minnesota and the Minneapolis Art Directors/Copywriters Club.

Despite not having created the award-winning campaign, Fischer Edit qualified for the prize under the rules established by The Show’s governing bodies, said Kathy Umland, a federation board member.

Fallon has spurned the local awards program since 1999 to concentrate on national and international competitions.

Fallon’s PBS campaign, which also won this year’s commercial Emmy, takes a lighthearted approach in depicting people’s quest for knowledge. One spot shows a man vamping in a photo booth to create a flip-book of him miming an aria. Another features a young girl who shines a flashlight on a rooster in the dead of night to see if it will crow. A third shows a boy placing a camcorder in a working washing machine to film the action.

The creative team behind the campaign was group creative director Bruce Bildsten, art director Chris Lange and copywriter Michael Hart. The spots were directed by documentarian Errol Morris.

Judge Steve Dolbinski, a creative director at Barnhart/CMI in Denver, praised the campaign for its vision and quality. He said the fact that Fallon declined to enter the work did not play into the jury’s unanimous decision.

“I think all the judges cared about was the quality of the work, not whose name was on the back of it,” he said.

Carmichael Lynch turned up as The Show’s most decorated shop, with 47 total awards (four golds). Martin/Williams garnered 32 prizes (three golds). Creative boutique Olson + Co. took home five golds, more than a third of its 14 awards.