no fumar, por favor

Ronaldo Martinez almost died of cancer of the larynx when he was 39-years-old.

Martinez tells his story in recently launched anti-smoking ads from Geovision, Boston. The effort targets minority adult males.

“Our specialty is to reach the community with culturally appropriate messages,” said Juan Mandelbaum, president and founder of Geovision, which has been creating anti-smoking spots for minorities for the past six years.

A series of 30-second TV spots were shot in English and Spanish and recount the stories of Tom Sellers, an African American and Martinez, a Latino.

In one spot, Sellers tells us he worked in the Massachusetts prison system, “but nothing there prepared me to watch my mom die from lung cancer.”

Filmed in inner-city neighborhoods, the ads focused on the men’s stories and the devastating health and emotional effects of smoking. The budget was in the mid-six figures.