the nicks of time did not quite make the last minute of Super Bowl XXXIV’s telecast, but it smartly marketed itself as if it was going to.
The Atlanta apparently knew from the start that, at best, the spot would be the first to run after the game ended (which is what happened). But the startup sent out press releases touting its “eCowboys” effort, by New York’s Burkhardt & Hillman, as running sometime during the fourth quarter.
This led to front-page stories in both the Los Angeles Times and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, as well as mentions in The New York Times and others (including Adweek).
“We actually meant we were going to be one of the last ads of the Super Bowl broadcast,” explained Gayle McIntyre, company svp of communications.
“We were not in the postgame. That’s an important distinction.”
In any case, the company benefited from a tight game and saw an immediate spike at the site after the spot aired, “processing about 5,000 hits a second,” McIntyre said.
“If the game had gone into overtime, we would have aired during the game,” she said. –T.W. Sieber