Since most TV viewers aren’t especially eager to watch commercials, will they care to watch two spots at once? They may feel Nextel is asking them to do so with a series of split-screen vignettes that show its long-range digital walkie-talkie feature in action. In one spot, actress Kristin Davis is at the airport in Boston, where she’s managed to get ticketed on an earlier-than-expected flight home to Los Angeles. The screen splits to show what would ensue with and without this Nextel feature. Bottom-screen Davis gets through to her boyfriend, who gladly consents to meet her at the airport in L.A., as we then see him doing. Top-screen Davis doesn’t fare as well. Using an ordinary cell phone, she gets no answer. We next see her at the L.A. airport, struggling to extract her suitcase from the carousel and failing to get a cab. A voiceover sums up the action for us: “Life’s good when you’re Kristin Davis, but life’s better when you’re Kristin Davis and you have the cell phone with a walkie-talkie.” Very likely so. But life’s also better when you don’t need to put effort into following a telecom commercial. In this age of multitasking, you’re likely to be surfing the Internet or folding the laundry or doing your kid’s math homework as you watch this spot. Under the circumstances, two story lines could easily be one more than you’re going to grasp.

Mullen, Wenham, Mass.

Nextel Communications, Reston, Va.

Chief creative officer
Edward Boches

Creative director
Jim Hagar

Art director
Jim O’Brien

David Register

Agency producer
Alyson Singer

Production company
Villains, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Phil Joanou

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