Can you blame ad execs for believing their clients’ product claims? In the case of Scott Montgomery and Jim Harrington, of FCB Worldwide, probably not.
The Costa Mesa, Calif., shop has handled Taylor Made Golf’s $20 million account for seven years; evp Montgomery and general manager Harrington, both avid duffers, naturally use Taylor Made gear.
Attending a Santa Ana Country Club Father’s Day tournament with his son Evan, Montgomery used a Taylor Made Burner 6-iron to hit a 177-yard hole in one, his first ever.
The topper was when Harrington, at FCB’s weekly night golf event at the Newport Beach Golf Club in September, scored an ace using a Taylor Made Burner pitching wedge, against his Innergel ball, for the 118-yard shot.
“It was witnessed by myself and Tim Wilson, one of our Taylor Made account guys,” said Montgomery. “Jim nearly peed his pants.”
The shots soon became agency e-mail fodder and may leave folks thinking how Taylor Made those clubs really were.
–James Zoltak