New York Unveils Licensing Program

NEW YORK NYC Marketing introduced Wednesday a global merchandise licensing program, marking the first time New York’s intellectual property has been centralized under one authority.

Specifically, the program offers product licensing rights to its collective intellectual property, representing and supporting New York City agencies including the Fire Department, Police Department, Department of Parks and Recreation, Taxi and Limousine Commission, Department of Sanitation, Department of Transportation and the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting. NYC Marketing, the official marketing office for the City of New York and exclusive agent for city trademarks, logos and other intellectual property, will also manage existing licensees already under contract.

The strategy is part of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to “leverage the city’s image and assets to generate new revenue streams” for New York City. NYC Marketing released a request for proposal (RFP), which offers companies around the world an opportunity to create officially licensed products for the city.

The RFP for licensing rights includes a wide range of product categories including adult and children’s apparel, souvenirs, home furnishings, replica vehicles and school, home and office products. NYC Marketing said it would also seek proposals for licensing representation outside North America.

“This comprehensive licensing program is another critical step in realizing Mayor Bloomberg’s vision to fully protect and capitalize on the city’s valuable trademarks and logos,” Joseph Perello, CMO for the City of New York and president of NYC Marketing, said in a statement. “No other city in the world has such a powerful set of brands and a central system to manage and protect their value.”

Brandweek staff report