new way to play

Casino advertising always seems filled with clichéd shots of happy people hitting the jackpot or feasting on a mammoth buffet.

Now San Francisco agency Gardner Geary Coll is rolling the dice with a different approach. The shop’s first campaign for the recently opened Rolling Hills Casino in Corning, Calif., imagines a world in which gambling is woven more deeply into everyday life.

One spot opens with a shot of a car’s wind shield being splattered with unsuspecting bugs. When the final bug smacks against the glass, it turns out to be a playing card (an ace, of course).

Another spot takes place while a driver is presumably en route to the casino. After a voiceover hypes Rolling Hills, the camera pans down to reveal that the man’s gearshift has been replaced with a slot-machine handle.

While it’s uncertain if the ads will pay off, it’s better than even money that the client won’t complain about them being just like all the other casino ads.