New Line Cinema Reels In Pula as Marketing Chief

LOS ANGELES – New Line Cinema, the motion picture industry’s No. 1 independent studio, named Chris Pula president of theatrical marketing last week, raising a question about whether Pula might reconsider New Line’s longtime relationship with media buying firm IMS/N.Y.
New Line president of distribution Mitchell Goldman said no changes were contemplated and a switch would be unlikely, although Pula would be free to examine all options. Pula did not return calls at press time.
IMS has handled New Line’s media for at least seven years. An observer pointed out that an IMS executive sits on New Line’s board of directors, making any changes in the status of the relationship unlikely.
But New Line’s base of operation moved West two years ago, and now all executives are located in L.A., which could mean the studio will ultimately look to a local buying firm.
Pula’s move to New Line from 20th Century Fox, where he was senior vp of marketing, is a step up in responsibility. He will handle management of all creative advertising, media, co-op advertising, publicity, promotions and product placement. Pula replaces Sandra Ruch, who left the firm last year. Fox advertising is handled in-house.
New Line and its upscale division Fine Line grossed $99.5 million in 1992, claiming 2.1% market share, down 46.7% from 1991, when the studio had blockbuster Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Nightmare On Elm Street properties on the screen. The studio spent about $15 million on advertising in the first three quarters of 1992.
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