New Holiday Inn Express Spots Closer to Reality

Fallon’s Lubars Says ‘Evolution’ Is Necessary to Avoid Monotony
CHICAGO–Fallon McElligott takes a less outrageous approach in its latest round of advertising for Holiday Inn Express.
Two spots breaking this week continue the “Stay smart” theme developed by the Minneapolis shop. Previous TV spots featured hyperbolic situations in which people suddenly felt knowledgeable about topics like surgery and physics because of their stay at a Holiday Inn Express.
The latest round takes a more subdued approach, taking its humor from real-life situations, said David Lubars, the Minneapolis shop’s creative director.
“This gives [customers] some new entertainment to pull them into the strategy,” Lubars said.
In one new spot, a man overhears his dentist ranting on the phone about having to go to the police station, ending with a curt “He’ll live.” When the receptionist calls for the next patient, the man in the waiting room has disappeared. On-screen text reads, “Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.”
While Holiday Inn, Atlanta, has credited Fallon’s advertising with helping the chain meet its revenue goals ahead of schedule, the change in direction was necessary to keep the work fresh, Lubars said.
The campaign targets 25- to 54-year-old men, who make up the bulk of business travelers, and airs on cable networks such as ESPN, CNN, MSNBC and The History Channel.
Holiday Inn Express spent $3.5 million on advertising last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting. K