New Faces For Wickes

Wickes Furniture this week launches its first new campaign in four years with a series of eight TV spots intended to reflect the chain’s repositioning as a more upscale brand.
The company’s last effort, created by the now-defunct Chicago agency Eire Partners, centered on an animated character named Chester Drawers. The new campaign is from year-old Nathan Advertising here, headed by former Eire creative chief Jarrett Nathan.
The TV spots use quick cuts of people talking about Wickes and the furniture they have bought there. Well-known Chicago figures such as former Bear Walter Payton, former Bull Norm Van Lier and former Chicago mayor Jane Byrne make cameo appearances, although the celebrities are not identified.
“It was a last-minute idea to include the famous faces,” Nathan said. “We don’t identify them, so if people say, ‘Wasn’t that Walter Payton?’ that’s great. We wanted to add a little bit of fun to the advertising.”
In addition to Chicago, Wickes has showrooms in Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Los Angeles and Portland, Ore. TV spots with local celebrities from those markets may be added to the campaign later, Nathan said.
“Wickes has remodeled its showrooms and upgraded its merchandise,” Nathan said. “The stores have progressed faster than the advertising. This campaign is intended to reflect the retailer that Wickes has become since Chester Drawers’ day.”
Western International Media here handles media buys. Wickes handles print advertising in-house.