New Easy Spirit Ads Break

Under the theme “Never come down,” Lotas Minard Patton McIver is launching an estimated $10 million campaign for Easy Spirit’s new Anti-Gravity women’s fitness shoe.
The first ads in the print and TV campaign broke late last week on cable channels and will begin appearing on network TV Sept. 8.
“I like [this campaign] because it targets what women are really doing,” said Judy Lotas, a partner at New York-based Lotas Minard. “These women aren’t sweating and vomiting. They’re just trying to keep themselves sane and happy and fit,” she said.
The campaign includes five spots, ranging from 10 seconds to 45 seconds in length, which will air on network, cable and spot TV. The 45- and 30-second spots open with a voiceover saying, “Man has wanted to fly forever; woman has figured out how.”
Images of women running and jumping rope fill the screen as a singer wails, “I’m gonna fly.” The 15- and 30-second spots will run in both French and English in Canada.
The print campaign includes an eight-page insert that will run in such national magazines as American Health for Women, Shape and Weight Watchers between September and December. There will also be one-page ads in other publications.
The 10-year-old Easy Spirit is the third best-selling athletic shoe brand among women in the country, behind Nike and Reebok. In women’s footwear, the company ranks first in both the women’s nonathletic footwear and comfort shoe categories with retail sales of more than $500 million.