New Campaigns: Western

Client: Southern California Mitsubishi Dealers, Cypress, Calif.
Agency: Grey
Advertising, Los Angeles
Creative Director: Robert Giaimo
Copywriter: Roger Feldman
Art Director: David Davis Agency
Producer: Jason Stewart
Director: Dan Swietlik
Production Co.: Swietlik, Hollywood, Calif.
The newest TV spot for the Mitsubishi Dealers of Southern California plays off a humorous discussion between a man and his psychiatrist. Created by Grey Advertising, the 30-second commercial, which broke earlier this month, depicts the psychiatrist asking the patient if he has any interests. The man responds, “One little one: 3.9 percent.” As the doctor pushes the patient to look beyond his obsession with interest rates, expressing that there is “more to life. . .,” the man agrees by bringing up Mitsubishi’s cash rebates. A voiceover jumps in with the tag: “Sure we’re a little nuts, but it’s only because our cars are so cool.” Upcoming spots may continue the psychiatrist theme, according to Craig Silver, Grey’s senior vice president, management supervisor. The agency won the account last year. -Teresa Buyikian


Client: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Jackson Hole, Wyo.
Agency: FJCandN, Salt Lake City
Creative Director: Dave Newbold
Art Director: Richard Oliver
Copywriters: David Morring, Bryant Marcum
Photographers: Tyler Gourley, Wade McKoy, Bob Woodall
Lacking the marketing budget of its much larger competitors such as Vail and Aspen, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has focused its ad efforts over the years on print campaigns with a Western flavor that target die-hard skiers. In its 14th year handling the account, FJCandN has created colorful, Western-themed, full-page print ads that began running this month in several ski-enthusiast publications including Ski, Skiing, Snow Country, Freeze and Transworld Snowboarding. The executions will continue to appear in those publications through January. The ads use collage-like borders around dramatic ski images. The collages include boot textures, an old wagon wheel and elk antlers. One execution reads, “You’re born. You die. And if you’re lucky, somewhere in between you live.” Art director Richard Oliver said the images were included for “the interpretation of the viewer. It’s a new way to display old Western elements,” he said. -Angela Dawson