New Campaigns: SOUTHEAST

Client: Norwood Clinic, Birmingham, Ala.

Agency: Jackhammer, Birmingham, Ala.

Creative Director/Copywriter: Chris Goldschmidt

Art Directors: Craig Biddle, Karen Schmoll

Account Director: Todd Burdine

Located in a less desirable part of Birmingham, Ala., Norwood Clinic has suffered an image problem. So hometown shop Jackhammer decided to concentrate on the healthcare facility’s proximity to four outdoor billboards around town. Each board uses X-ray visuals combined with word play, and the message goes hand-in-hand with its location. For example, one ad features an X-ray image of a skull, with copy reading ‘Just Ahead.’ ‘We felt this was a great way to tell the story in a fun, witty fashion,’ said Chris Goldschmidt, Jackhammer president and creative director. Goldschmidt credits Susan Bernhard, Norwood Clinic’s marketing director, for being open-minded enough to approve the work. ‘She realizes that Norwood has a perception problem in the community, and felt this fresh, hip campaign was an excellent way to change brand image in the marketplace,’ Goldschmidt said. The outdoor advertising, which went up two weeks ago, will remain on display for three months.

–Katy Eckmann


Client: Partnership for a Drug-Free America, New York

Agency: Hughes Advertising, Atlanta

Creative Director: Rudy Fernandez

Copywriter: Rudy Fernandez

Art Director: Troy King

Director: Rod Paul

Production Company: Primary Pictures, Atlanta

Stymied because many young people are impervious to a death message connected to heroin use, Hughes Advertising creative director Rudy Fernandez took another tact. In a new television commercial labeled ‘User Tips,’ an actor stands in a foul, decrepit toilet stall and delivers a matter-of-fact primer on how to throw up, which usually happens to people using hard drugs. He advises heroin users to kneel down to avoid falling and bashing their heads. He shows how to grip the bowl, as ‘it’s harder to miss that way.’ He is doing all this for young drug users ‘because you’re going to spend a lot of time in here,’ meaning the bathroom. The public service television spot will begin airing this spring around the country. –Jim Osterman


Client: Value Rent-A-Car, Boca Raton, Fla.

Agency: Gray, Kirk Vansant, Baltimore

Creative Director: Jeff Millman

Copywriter: Jeff Millman

Art Director: Ken Dennison

Agency Producer: Donna Slaughter

Director: Frank Tammariello

Production Company: Concrete Productions, Dallas

To highlight the variety of car choices and rental terms Value offers, Gray, Kirk Vansant has broken four, 15-second spots this month highlighting those options. In ‘Backseat,’ three children are seen crammed into a small backseat, screaming and yelling, presumably on a family vacation from hell. The voiceover asks: ‘Who came up with the idea to rent minivans affordably for vacation? You did.’ ‘Packing’ shows a prospective vacationer trying to cram that one last item (in this case, a surfboard) into his car. As he closes the hatch, the front doors explode open and everything else in the car falls out. The other two spots center on the fact Value rents luxury cars, and that it offers hourly rentals. All are tagged: ‘You wanted more choices, you got them.’ –J.O.

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