New Campaigns: Midwest

Client: Schulze and Burch Biscuit Co., Chicago
Agency: Fairman, Schmidt & Cappelli, Chicago
Creative Director: Allan Schmidt
Art Director: Allan Schmidt
Copywriter: Dave Fairman
Schulze and Burch has been baking for 75 years, but this is its first TV advertising, and it attempts to show consumers that Pop Tarts aren’t the only crusty, jelly-filled and frosting-topped toaster treats out there.
The 30-second spot, created by Fairman, Schmidt & Cappelli and running on spot TV in Iowa and Wisconsin, uses a straightforward jingle and voiceover to get its point across, with visuals of kids, large and small, enjoying Toast’ems. “Toast’ems,” runs the jingle, “Gotta taste ’em. . . gotta gotta taste ’em. . . gotta taste ’em now.” A voiceover introduces the viewer to “new and improved” Toast’ems and reminds consumers, “If you think all toaster pastries are alike, you gotta taste a Toast’em.” Visuals include a close-up of a Toast’em being torn apart, revealing its rich, gooey center. -Trevor Jensen

Client: One-On-One Sports, Northbrook, Ill.
Agency: The Leap Partnership, Chicago
Creative Director/Director: Joe Sciarrotta
Art Director: John Schachter
Copywriters: Mark Bruker, Terry Cosgrove, John Dohrmann
Leap’s first work for One-On-One Sports, a 24-hour sports talk radio network, is a series of 10-second spots that will run during brief breaks in televised sporting events. Shot around Chicago and directed by one of Leap’s founding partners, Joe Sciarrotta, the spots feature actors portraying sports fans who offer quick and quirky opinions on various sports-which is, of course, the essence of sports talk radio.
“Swimming is the only sport where you can urinate without taking time-outs,” opines a swimmer standing in a pool. “Why are jockeys considered athletes?” asks a policeman on a horse. “The horse does all the work.” A crusty fellow sharpening an ice skate avers, “The only reason figure skating is considered a sport is it takes place in a hockey rink.”
-Trevor Jensen