New Campaigns: Midwest

Client: Chicago Board Options Exchange, Chicago
Agency: Jack Levy Associates, Chicago
Creative Director: John Richards
Art Director: Pat Koeller
Copywriter: Bill Hagerup
Producer: Patty Phassos
Director: Norman Seef
Animation: Optimus, Chicago
As of Oct. 6, investors at the Chicago Board Options Exchange could begin trading options tied to the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Just saying that sentence takes a while, but Jack Levy Associates manages to get the point across clearly in a series of 30-second TV spots breaking this week on local stations and the CNBC and CNN cable networks. Targeting current options investors and enticing new options traders, the spots feature business people explaining that they understand the stock market. That’s why they say they’re investing in CBOE’s Options on the Dow. The repeated advice, “Act on the market you know best,” is coupled with the CBOE’s positioning line: “Be a better investor.” The campaign expands to financial magazines such as Forbes and Fortune in November. -Scott Hume

Client: Gold’n Plump Poultry, St. Cloud, Minn.
Agency: Martin/Williams, Minneapolis
Creative Director: Lyle Wedemeyer
Art Director: Pam Mariutto
Copywriters: Cathy Ostlie and John Francis
Producers: Kathy Lally and Lisa Thotland
Director: Buck Holzemer, Buck Holzemer
Productions, Minneapolis Music
Composer: Steve Kramer, Hest/Kramer, Minneapolis
Martin/Williams has had fun over the years bringing the Gold’n Plump chickens to life. In this new 30-second TV spot, a chicken is seen running up stadium steps, jumping rope and, funniest of all, working out on the boxing speed bag as it transforms into one buff bird.
“It’s a mighty meaty bird,” says a voiceover, praising the dedication of the Gold’n Plump poultry, which “will be far better chickens for frying, I mean trying.” The punch line comes at the close, with a shot of a succulent, cooked bird. Kurt Angell and Jeff Bell, the “flame artists” at Pixel Farms, Minneapolis, helped make the chicken training regimen look so realistic. -Scott Hume

Client: General Mills, Minneapolis
Agency: Campbell Mithun Esty, Minneapolis
Executive Creative
Director: Jim Bosha
Creative Directors: Harry Gonnella and Christy Martin
Executive Producer: Martyn Laurence
Director: Peter Truckel, Big Bang Productions, N.Y.
How serious can you be about breakfast cereal? Way too serious, judging by some advertising out there. Campbell Mithun Esty, however, is being seriously silly about Cinnamon Grahams cereal in a 30-second TV spot titled “L’Amour.”
The fun begins with a cinnamon stick and a graham cracker rushing across a romantic hilltop to embrace. Yes, the two ingredients are finally together, the spot tells us. In the background, a lush version of “Love Is in the Air” adds to the mockery.
The scene shifts to a breakfast table for the close, with family members enraptured as they spoon up their Cinnamon Grahams. This isn’t just food, my friends, this is something oh so much more. “One taste and you’ll be together forever” is the tongue-in-cheek tagline for the campaign. -Scott Hume