New Campaigns: Eastern

Client: Mistic Beverage, White Plains, N.Y.

Agency: Deutsch, New York

Creative Directors: Kathy Delaney, Greg DiNoto

Art Director: Terre Nichols

Copywriter: Liz Gumbinner

Director: Wayne Isham

Producer: Sharon Hart

Deutsch faced the challenge of finding a fresh approach with an overexposed pitchman when client Mistic Beverage asked it to come up with new ads starring the Chicago Bulls’ Dennis Rodman. Rather than using Rodman as comic relief in a skit or as a bad boy made good, Deutsch decided to play up his eccentric ways. One new spot, for example, shows Rodman preening with peacock’s feathers, crowning himself like an emperor and breathing fire. Another supports a Mistic sweepstakes promotion which offers as a prize the equivalent of one day of Rodman’s salary ($24,658) to the consumer finding the Mistic bottle cap which matches Rodman’s green hair. While the agency was leery at first, ‘we decided we couldn’t ask for a better spokesman,’ said copywriter Liz Gumbinner. ‘He comes right out of the brand positioning, ‘Show Your Colors.” A third spot, this time without Rodman, continues the edgy theme of previous Mistic ads. A woman on an elevator takes ‘the first piece of cake’ by unexpectedly kissing a stranger on an elevator. ‘So what are your colors?’ challenges a woman at the end of the spot. ‘We like to push the envelope a little bit in our ads,’ said Ken Gilbert, senior vice president of marketing for Mistic in White Plains, N.Y. The ads will break April 28 backed by $8 million in advertising support. –Michael McCarthy


Client: Supreme International, Miami

Agency: The Ad Store, New York

Creative Director: Paul Cappelli

Art Director: Tim Dillingham

Copywriter: Paul Cappelli

Photographer: Bob Peterson

The Ad Store has launched a campaign for Grand Slam, the golf apparel brand formerly known as Munsingwear. One print ad features a Tiger Woods look-alike and copy that reads, ‘The best golfers wear the penguin. Until they’re paid not to.’ The campaign, under the theme ‘Change Course,’ plays up Munsingwear’s 43-year-old penguin logo. ‘We wanted to bank on the heritage of the Munsingwear name, yet bring out the excitement of Grand Slam’s new styles,’ said Dan DeGuzman, an account manager at the shop. The ads are slated to run in Golf Pro (a Sports Illustrated supplement) and other magazines. An outdoor ad will go up in New York’s Times Square in June. The client will devote about $3-5 million to the campaign and ads for other brands. –Teresa Andreoli


Client: Rothman’s, New York

Agency: Blum/Herbstreith, New York

Creative Directors: Charlie Herbstreith, Rob Slosberg

Copywriters: David Bromberg, Rob Slosberg

Photographer: Josef Astor

Do the clothes make the man? In an outdoor campaign that breaks this week for New York-based men’s apparel retailer Rothman’s, Blum/Herbstreith eschews the straight-arrow approach to selling suits. Instead, it lampoons current images of professional males by creating a tongue-in-cheek species of fictional ubermen who balk at nothing. This new species is called, simply, ‘The Rothman’s Man.’ Not only does he have the looks of a model, Mr. Perfect also ‘speaks 23 languages, has a washboard stomach and can drive to the Hamptons in eleven minutes flat,’ according to one outdoor ad. Alan Blum, president of the shop, said, ‘We’re trying to take the wind out of the sails of upscale fashion retailers (like Barneys) through the bombastic nature of the copy.’ The tagline: ‘The only thing modest is the price.’ Print ads, supported by about $1 million in spending, will roll out this summer. –Matt Surman

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