New Campaigns

Client: Sanuk, San Diego
Agency: Gardner, Geary, Coll & Young, San Francisco
Creative Director: John Coll
Art Director: Trevor Oldershaw
Copywriter: Joe Stevens
Gardner, Geary, Coll & Young offered to create Sanuk’s new print campaign under an odd condition–that the agency be allowed to “score some free sandals” as partial compensation, according to Matt Hofherr, director of new business and senior account manager at the shop. “Melissa Marconi, our account planner, saw these shoes, and [the idea] just took off from there,” Hofherr said. The shoe and apparel maker agreed, and the campaign was a go.
The ads, tagged “Uncomfortable situations call for comfortable sandals,” feature bizarre, eye-catching photographs. One shows a fat man, naked except for Sanuk sandals, sitting on a tiny stool in the corner of a room. Another shows a nun examining a wall covered with water-filled condoms. “Humor is seldom used in fashion advertising, but the [teenage] target audience seems to beg for it,” Hofherr said. (Sanuk, in Thai, means “keep smiling.”) The ads break in January in Surfer Magazine and Surfing Magazine.
–Jane Irene Kelly

Client: University of Redlands, Redlands, Calif.
Agency: The Miller Group Advertising, Santa Monica, Calif.
Creative Director: Renee
Miller Copywriter: John Hage
Art Director: Michael Kadin
Photographer: Rick Chou
Accomplishments are more important than a name” is the tagline for The Miller Group’s first effort for the University of Redlands’ evening degree program. The print campaign focuses on tangible accomplishments of Redlands’ evening degree graduates, including the student who developed the technology allowing computers to accommodate the switch to the year 2000. One print ad shows a class ring engraved, “The university that created a non-invasive blood test.” The accompanying text describes the university’s ranking and attributes and includes a toll-free phone number.
“We had to change the image of night school,” said agency principal Renee Miller. “Redlands’ evening degree program is as sophisticated as [daytime undergraduate programs].” Ads are running in regional editions of The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated. Retail versions appear in the Los Angeles Times and the Orange County Register. –Teresa Buyikian

Client: Los Angeles Kings
Agency: Rubin Postaer and Associates, Santa Monica, Calif.
Creative Directors: Larry Postaer, Pat Mendelson, Curt Johnson
Art Director: Vince Aamodt
Copywriter: Chad Berry
Producer: Tony Stearns
Director: Vince Aamodt
Production Co.: Satellite Films, Hollywood, Calif.
Rubin Postaer opts for a more subtle approach than the usual barrage of image and sound–crowds cheering, players crashing into one another, pucks shooting across the ice–common to most ice hockey ads. The TV spots, running in Los Angeles throughout the National Hockey League season, include several stylized slow-motion shots. One even includes “Ave Maria” in the background.
“We wanted to do something different,” said copywriter Chad Berry, “so we came up with this surreal look.” Each ad introduces a different Kings player. In one, Ian LaPerriere explains that it takes “.0025 seconds for a puck to hit the ice, [but] it takes 16 years of sweat, hard work and luck to get a chance to hit it.” Tagged “L.A. Kings. Serious hockey,” the TV spots are supported with radio, outdoor and print work. –Angela Dawson