New Campaigns

Client: Monsanto, St. Louis
Agency: BBDO West, Los Angeles
Creative Directors: David Lubars, Chris Robb
Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: John Hage
Art Director: Melinda Kanipe
Weeds take on a life of their own in three new TV spots from BBDO West for Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer.
In one spot, which broke earlier this month, a lively cast of stop-motion animated talking weeds lament the loss of a compatriot, felled by Roundup on the other side of the fence. “So Murray, did you hear about Nick across the way?” one weed asks another. “He had such strong roots,” observes a third. The weeds note their pal’s resilience–he had been sprayed with another weed remover previously, but had popped up again. This time, they agree, he’s gone. A voiceover confirms, “Roundup kills even tough weeds down to the root.” The tag: “No mercy. No pity. No weeds.”
“The campaign focuses on the leadership and superiority of Roundup,” said Steve Czerniel, agency vice president and management supervisor on the account. The second ad breaks this week, and the third in May. –Angela Dawson

Client: Hoyt USA, Salt Lake City
Agency: Bulldog Drummond, San Diego
Creative Director: Neil Bellefeuille
Art Director: Sebastian Gomez
Copywriter: Simone Sato
Photographer: Paul Irmiter
Bulldog Drummond attempts to capture the feeling of the hunt in a new print campaign for Hoyt USA hunting and sporting crossbows. Four different spreads, each supporting a different product, are appearing in bow hunting and sporting enthusiast magazines. One profiles deer hunter Scott Shultz, claiming he could stand on “a small square of metal all day, calling in bucks with his grunt tube or rattling horns from a perch 30 feet above the ground.” Black-and-white photos of Shultz with his Hoyt AccuTec crossbow accompany further text, which reads, “The animal has a keener sense of smell, better hearing, and superior eyesight. Fair enough.” All of the ads end with: “Hoyt’s got over forty bows to choose from–one of them is right for you.”
“Through research, we found out these guys are obsessed with the hunt as much as being outdoors and the challenge of the one-on-one sport,” said agency chief executive officer Shawn Parr. “We wanted to speak as much about the experience as the benefits of the products themselves.” –Teresa Buyikian

Client: Taco Time International, Eugene, Ore.
Agency: INS Advertising, Portland, Ore.
Creative Director: Jeff Bernius
Art Director/Copywriter: Joe Groom
INS Advertising introduces a comical superranger who saves taco lovers from the doom of fast-food restaurants in a new campaign for Taco Time.
All four TV spots feature the ranger informing customers about the differences between Taco Time’s offerings and the traditional fast-food fare. In one ad, a police officer reporting a early-morning break-in at the local Taco Time is reassured by the ranger that the restaurant’s workers are simply getting an early start on making their hand-rolled burritos.
The ads support the client’s speciality dishes, including the half-pound beef soft taco, hand-rolled crisp burrito, chimichanga and shredded beef super soft taco.
“The whole series of commercials is educational in some way in relation to our products and product differentiation,” said Tim Hackbardt, Taco Time’s vice president of marketing. Together, they aim to reveal what sets Taco Time apart from the leading quick-serve Mexican restaurants.
The spots are running mostly in the Pacific Northwest. –Sarah Andreotti