New Campaigns

Client: Volant Sports, Wheat Ridge, Colo.
Agency: Barnhart/CMI, Denver
Creative Director: David Whitman
Copywriter: Tim Abare
Art Directors: Chris Beatty, Monte Mead
Production Artist: Armando Martinez
As makers of stainless steel snow skis, Volant Sports has carved a niche in the category. So, rather than advertise the product with the usual images of people skiing, Barnhart/CMI Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations focuses on the merits of the metal in its new consumer ad campaign for the client.
Four new ads are running in several ski industry publications, including Mountain Sports & Living, Powder, Ski Magazine and Skiing Magazine. The account bills less than $1 million.
The campaign’s creative team decided to “think in steel” when creating the ads, according to copywriter Tim Abare.
The ads claim steel is “a perfect material for shaped skis.” One headline, which appears to be etched onto a brushed steel background, reads: “Now you can actually ski all those places you’ve been telling people you’ve skied.” A pair of Volant skis, tips bent slightly upward, appears to jut out from the ad. Another ad reads, “Ripping? Shredding? Tearing? What ever happened to style, grace and control?”
Each of the ads provide the company’s Web site address and toll-free number.
–Angela Dawson
Agency: Buckley/Friedman Advertising and Public Relations, Costa Mesa, Calif.
Client: Hoag Hospital, Newport Beach, Calif.
Creative Directors: Joseph Santiago, Garret Davenport
Art Director: Nicole Riva
Photographer: Bill Reiff
Buckley/Friedman uses provocative images and bright colors in an irreverent new print and outdoor campaign for Hoag Hospital, one of the largest independent hospitals in California.
One ad shows a container of chili fries with just a few scraps remaining. Text along the bottom of the container reads, in bright red letters, “Hoag Hospital specializes in cardiac care.” To the right of the container is the hospital’s logo and text explaining that Hoag was rated the No. 1 hospital in Orange County.
A pack of cigarettes is the focus of another ad. “Hoag specializes in cancer care” is written along the side of the pack, where the cancer warning usually appears. In a third execution, a laundry care tag on a woman’s yellow slip reads, “Special Care Instructions-Send contents to Hoag Women’s Health Services.”
The ads, the agency’s first for the hospital, will appear on buses throughout the county as well as in the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register and other local newspapers. The campaign, billing less than $2 million, will run through the next spring.
–Teresa Buyikian