New Campaigns

Client: Mystic Aquarium, Mystic, Conn. Agency: Cronin and Co., Glastonbury. Conn. Creative Director: Steve Wolfberg Copywriter: Greg Edwards Art Directors: Wayne Raicik, Alex Jesudowich
It’s a big, weird world down there.” That’s the tagline of a television and print effort created by Cronin and Co. that seeks to entice visitors to the newly remodeled Mystic Aquarium. The campaign introduces prospective patrons to such odd marine life as bluehead wrasses, clownfish and porgies. Ads describe how some are able to change their gender, while others possess both male and female reproductive organs and can self-fertilize. The headline on one ad reads, ” ‘I love you Jane, I mean John, I mean Jane.’ Or, the sex life of the incredible gender-bending bluehead wrasse.” Body copy reveals details of the wrasse and other underwater wonders, all of which can be viewed at the aquarium. Another execution discusses the intelligence of the giant octopus, which is capable of unscrewing pickle jars and naviClient: CareGroup, Boston Agency: Haggman, Manchester, Mass. Creative Director/Copywriter: Eric Haggman Art Director: Amy Farr Producer: Santa Ghimber Director: Bill Cuccinello
It’s the middle of the night and you’re experiencing something that could be heartburn–or perhaps it’s a more serious problem. What do you do? A TV and print campaign that broke last week seeks to position CareGroup’s Care Connection, a 24-hour toll-free hotline, as the place to turn for answers. “CareGroup wants to be more” than a group of hospitals for its patients, said agency vice president Emily Haggman. “They want to be a place where people can come and get information 24 hours a day, because people don’t get sick [only] during office hours.” In one spot, a father is diagnosed with colon cancer, and one of his son’s options is calling Care Connection for information on the disease. The tagline: “We’re here round the clock. Just give us a call.” The commercials will run for Client: Fischer Skis USA, Andover, N.H. Agency: The Imagination Co., Bethel, Vt. Creative Director/Copywriter: Jim Giberti
Art Director: Mark Connolly
In its first national branding campaign for Fischer Skis USA, the Imagination Co. plays the percentages and doesn’t hesitate to point out that the high-end Austrian skis are not well known in this country. The headline of one ad reads: “Only 2% of American Skiers ski Fischer.” A dramatic image of a skier apparently defying gravity as he leaps off a snowy rise appears underneath the headline, accompanied by the caption: “Oh look, there’s one now.” A second execution shows a multicolored Fischer ski against a black background. The copy reads: “2% of Americans have sex twice a day. 2% of Americans have IQ’s over 145. 2% of American skiers ski Fischer. Coincidence?” The tagline, “Minority rules,” is featured in all ads.
Breaking in December issues of various ski enthusiast magazines–including Ski, Skiing, Powder, Freeze and Mountain Living–the campaign seeks to position Fischer products as the right choice for discerning skiers seeking to improve their performance on the slopes, said agency official Scott Evans. Rather than boast about technology, the agency chose to make creative use of the client’s low market share and focus on what Fischer believes its products do best: improve performance, Evans said.
The Imagination Co., which also handles media placement for Fischer, is working on radio spots, direct mail executions and point-of-purchase materials for the client. Evans estimated spending near $1 million.
–David Gianatasio