New Campaigns

Client: Schwan’s Sales Enterprises, Marshall, Minn.
Agency: Bozell Kamstra, Minneapolis
Art Director: Michael Rogers
Copywriter: Bruce Hannum
Director: Wrye Martin
Producer: Pat Swifka
Editing: Edit WG, Minneapolis
In this TV spot for Red Baron’s new rising crust frozen pizza, two women drive through a typical suburban neighborhood. They pass some familiar sights: a dog eating a rubber chicken, men sitting in lawn chairs … a biplane in a driveway. “Looks like Claudia’s having that new pizza again tonight,” one woman tells the other matter-of-factly. Over shots of the product in the oven, a voiceover advises people to try the new pizza and “Bring the baron home.”
The spot is the first in a decade that doesn’t use the Red Baron character to sell the frozen pizza, said Bozell Kamstra group account director Mike Griak.
–Aaron Baar

Client: Illinois State Lottery, Springfield, Ill.
Agency: Foote, Cone & Belding, Chicago
Creative/Art Director: Wayne Carey
Senior Copywriter: Betsy Simson
Executive Producer: Laura Glenn
Director: Craig McCord
Production: Manarcy Films, Chicago
Music: Larry Pecorella, Chameleon Music, Chicago
Daydreaming about what you’d do if you won millions is pretty standard fare for lottery ads, but Foote, Cone & Belding tries a more emotional spin in three new 30-second TV spots for the Illinois Lottery’s Big Game. Characters begin by recounting a big moment earlier in life: being rejected by a high-brow Eastern college; missing a school trip due to illness; having a grown son return home to live. When they “hit it big” in the Big Game, though, they all find ways to earn a measure of vindication for their wayward luck. The man snubbed out East, for instance, gives a chunk of his winnings to the Illinois school that did accept him. –Scott Hume