New Campaigns

Client: Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Agency: Publicis, Seattle Creative Director: Gail Anne Grosso Copywriter: Gail Anne Grosso (TV), Skip Jackson (radio, print) Art Directors: John Holm (TV), Mark Jones (print) Producer: Binky Walker Directors: Gail Anne Grosso, Kelly Evans, Hermann Lederle
The Seattle Seahawks want their fans to get to know them better. So the message of Publicis’ new $1.5 million broadcast and print campaign–its first since winning the account earlier this summer–is that these players are real people. Some of them enjoy love songs. Others have a thing about shoes. The TV spots feature players providing sound bites about themselves. “To me, I’m a legend in my own mind when it comes to jokes,” says defensive end Mike Sinclair. “I look to my dad and say, ‘If I can be half the man he is, I’m going to be all right,'” adds teammate Jon Kitka. The tag is, “We’re alive and kickin’. Are you?”
“We needed to generate some excitement about the team since our research showed most people didn’t know who the players are,” said Gail Anne Grosso, chief executive creative director at Publicis’ Seattle office. –Angela Dawson

Client: Aidells Sausage Co., San Leandro, Calif. Agency: Ozone Advertising, San Francisco Creative Director/Copywriter: David McGrane Art Director: Brian Moore Production Company: Tool of North America/Heavy International, Santa Monica, Calif. Directors: Jonas Morganstein, Kate Flather
Sausage Man defends his fellow sausages against the evils of unnecessary piercing by forks and knives in a new TV, print and radio campaign from Ozone Advertising for Aidells Sausage Co. The effort–the sausage company’s first-ever campaign–humorously takes the form of grassroots activism-style campaigning by an Aidells “spokessausage,” who urges consumers to “stop the piercing” and preserve the sausages’ flavor.
A 30-second TV spot shows a man, dressed as a fat red sausage, standing outside a grocery store, asking shoppers and other passersby to sign a petition for the cause. He pleads: “Piercing them, poking them … it just lets the flavor out. … Down with the forks!” The spot ends with company founder Bruce Aidell trying to keep a straight face as he issues a similar plea. The spot is airing in Northern California markets through September.
Taking the campaign one step further, Aidells has even hired an actor to dress up as Sausage Man and take to the streets of Eureka, Calif., to spread the word, said Ozone creative director David McGrane. –Jane Irene Kelly

Client: Toyota Motor Sales USA, Torrance, Calif. Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles, Torrance, Calif. Executive Creative Director: Joe McDonagh Creative Directors: Greg Harrison, Cameron Day Director: Jim Edwards
Watching car racing on TV is one thing. But getting inside the minds of the drivers is another. Saatchi & Saatchi tries the latter approach in a new TV and print campaign for Toyota Motors Sales USA’s Motorsports division.
Using hand-held cameras and “guerrilla” documentary-style photography, the agency got up close and personal with the crews and drivers in the high-speed world of car racing. The result is nine TV spots that use grainy black-and-white footage and slow-motion effects and feature the lyrical musings of drivers about their sport and themselves.
In one spot, for example, a voiceover talks about the fatal attraction of “madness, men and machines.” Another spot examines the phenomenon of driver as “predator.”
“We wanted to take on the attitude of other sports and show the personalities,” said Joe McDonagh, executive creative director at Saatchi. “We tried to step into the consciousness of the drivers.”
The campaign will be supported with about $5-10 million in spending and will air on networks such as ESPN and ABC. Multiple print ads support the TV effort.
–Michael McCarthy