New Campaigns

Client: The Men’s Wearhouse, Fremont, Calif.
Agency: Red Ball Tiger, San Francisco
Creative Director/Copywriter/Director: Greg Wilson
Art Director: Paul Collis Producer: Susan Crimley
Red Ball Tiger shifts from dispelling myths about The Men’s Wearhouse to emphasizing the quality of the discount apparel retailer’s products and the convenience of its services in a new $35-40 million national campaign.
Company founder and chief executive officer George Zimmer is again featured in each of 12 new TV spots, talking in a relaxed manner about how The Men’s Wearhouse fits nearly any man’s business and formal apparel needs, from tuxedos to casual business attire and suits. The commercials emphasize the point by showing images of well-dressed men along with guys who could use some help from The Men’s Wearhouse. Zimmer wraps up each of the spots by delivering his trademark line: “You’re going to like the way you look. I guarantee it.”
The campaign was launched in the New York area earlier this month. Concurrently, Red Ball Tiger created 12-foot-high window displays to support the opening of several new Men’s Wearhouse stores in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York City. Each display featured the client’s logo and a short message, such as “It’s our first store in New York, although we’ve been on Wall Street for years,” and “Dear bus passenger: If you’re on your way to another fine menswear store, you could save a few minutes by getting off right here.”
The TV campaign will roll out nationally over the rest of the year, and will continue through the first half of next year, according to Red Ball Tiger founder and creative director Greg Wilson. –Jane Irene Kelly

Client: Hogle Zoo, Salt Lake City
Agency: Harris & Love, Salt Lake City
Art Directors: Preston Wood, Haven Simmons
Copywriters: Rod Miller, Bob Wassom
Producer: Preston Wood
Director: Greg Kiefer
Children are naturally inquisitive, and especially so about animals. Harris
& Love explores such curiosity in its first branding campaign for The Hogle Zoo since winning the account last year.
The local effort includes TV, radio and outdoor ads. In one TV spot, titled “Makes You Wonder,” kids pose such zoological puzzlers as “Do monkeys have mothers?” and “What do tigers dream?” Outdoor ads follow suit, wondering “What can stick its tongue in its ear?” and “What eats with its nose and walks on its toes?” The posters’ animal skin-patterned backgrounds give away the answers. Another TV spot reverses the approach, with kids spouting off interesting facts about zoo animals. The theme is: “Utah’s Hogle Zoo. It makes you wonder.”
“By featuring the sense of wonder people have about exotic animals, we’re communicating both the laughter and learning available for families at the zoo,” said Andrew Wallace, the client’s director of marketing. –Angela Dawson