New Campaigns

Client: Caritas Christi Health Care System, Boston
Agency: Kelley Habib John, Boston
Creative Director/Copywriter: Greg John
Copywriters: Tom Padulla, Jim Baker
Art Directors: Joe Carty, Nick deSherbinin
In a print and billboard campaign, Kelley Habib John positions long-time client Caritas Christi Health Care System as a leading provider of “values-based medicine.” Michael Collins, president of Caritas Christi, said the advertising “mirrors our belief in the priorities that should be valued by all healthcare providers: people first, profits second.” Each ad is based on an example of care and highlights the comprehensive services and compassionate staffers within the network. In fact, the organization’s Catholic affiliation is placed front and center in many of the ads.
One print execution features the headline, “To thousands of local fisherman, we just performed a miracle at sea.” Copy goes on the explain: “When nearly 70 percent of all area fishermen said they couldn’t afford quality healthcare for their families, Caritas Christi teamed with the Massachusetts Fishermen’s Partnership to offer low-cost health coverage . . . Give your family the highest degree of personalized care available anywhere on earth. Or at sea.” Another ad reads: “Jewish. Muslim. Protestant. Catholic. If you’re sick, put your faith in us.” -David Gianatasio

Client: WBZ-TV, Boston
Agency: Cohn Godley Norwood, Boston
Creative Director/Art Director: Paul Norwood
Copywriter: Mike Connell
To promote the station’s 50th anniversary and encourage viewership during the February sweeps period, Cohn Godley Norwood has created and launched a new campaign for WBZ-TV in Boston.
The effort consists of one 30-second and three 20-second commercials that illustrate how the station’s news reporting has benefited consumers. The vignettes include consumer reporter Paula Lyon’s discovery of the deadly side effects of the frequently prescribed diet drug FenPhen, Joe Bergantino’s exposƒ of the political bureaucracy at the Massachusetts Turnpike and Dan Rea’s efforts to prove the innocence of Joe Salvati, who was released from prison after 30 years.
“We wanted to present [the reporters as] a team of experts working on behalf of the consumers,” said Karen Vigurs, director of marketing and creative services at WBZ-TV, the CBS affiliate in the Greater Boston market. “The Boston tie is important . . . [Cohn Godley] knew the market and why Channel 4 has a real opportunity to break through as a station that has news with substance.”
The tagline, “Working 4 You,” was developed as part of the station’s overall branding effort, said Vigurs, who declined to disclose media spending. -Sarah Jones

Client: Brooklin Boat Yard, Brooklin, Maine
Agency: Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Boston
Creative Director/Copywriter: Mike Sheehan
Art Directors: Dave Gardiner, Kirsten Watters
Admittedly, Mike Sheehan’s love of wooden boats and his experience as a customer of the Brooklin Boat Yard led to the creation of a poster series that is sure to get some notice on the award show circuit. The creative strategy was to display the client’s craftsmanship in designing, building and servicing wooden boats. And where would a designer of wooden boats be without beautifully crafted communications? In the ads, a richly photographed boat under sail is anchored by a block of copy along the bottom set against a wood-grained background. A second box of copy floats on top of the image.
A different photographer was used for each execution: John Holt captured the beauty of “Wood,” and Terry Husebye contributed “Fountain of Youth.” One poster, titled “Winds of Change,” was shot by photographer Billy Buck. Copy describes the featured vessel: “She has navigated the gales of the Gulf Stream, the squalls of the Chesapeake, the stiff breezes of the Caribbean. All without succumbing to the winds of change.” For readers “who find fulfillment aboard a wooden boat,” Brooklin Boat Yard is located in Center Harbor on Eggemoggin Reach in Maine. -Judy Warner