Networks Script Family Fun

Parenthood is fertile ground for comedy development this pilot season. Projects revolving around single moms, divorced dads and rambunctious families are spread throughout the development slates of the six major broadcast networks.

ABC is trying out Jim Belushi in a family vehicle and tackling a single mother’s career/kids/men juggling act in “My Wonderful Life.” CBS is looking for a few good dads: Ken Olin is on tap to play a gay man who adopts his niece and nephew in “Say Uncle,” Daniel Stern is a newly divorced dad in “Community Center,” Randy Quaid heads an oddball family in “The Kennedys,” and Nick Turturro is the restaurateur patriarch of an Italian clan in “Mr. Life.”

Fox has a def twist on family life with Bernie Mac playing a dedicated bachelor who finds himself raising his sister’s children while she’s in rehab. “Bev” centers on a single mom trying to shake off her reputation as the town slut. NBC is fielding a comedy fronted by a no-nonsense Latino mom, played by comedian Debi Gutierrez.