A Network Of His Own

Starting anew has proved gratifying for public relations practitioner Peter Morrissey, who recently separated from Clarke & Co. to open his own shop in Boston.
While noncompete agreements bar him from pursuing former co-workers and clients, Morrissey has worked the edges to gain both his first employee and charter client. Morrissey & Co. last week named former Clarke vice president Mary Dynan (also Morrissey’s sister) to an account service post. In addition, Boston Private Bank & Trust, which Morrissey originally pitched while at Clarke and was given permission to pursue on his own, is his first client.
Partners at Worldcom, an affiliation of public relations shops that assist each other in servicing clients in markets outside their own, have sent along congratulatory notes. Morrissey, who orchestrated Clarke’s participation in the organization, is now weighing whether it suits his new shop.
One barrier could be entry requirements, but Morrissey notes those have been relaxed for other entrepreneurs. And besides, he chairs the membership committee.
–Judy Warner