Netflix “Chosen”

“That’s so cute, it’s stupid.” Well, I like cute and stupid, and considering the amount of cute and stupid flying around the Web, a lot of other people do too. That is the last line of dialogue in this new Netflix spot from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in which a grouchy live-action grandpa barges into an animated world where a bunny and tiger are curled up together asleep. “It’s showtime,” he barks, adding, “I’m not going to cry am I?” The ad accentuates the ready-when-you-are aspect of Netflix’s streaming service with his rallying intrusion. Back in the living room, he is begrudgingly watching the film with his granddaughter and wife. Superfad re-created the now-retro look of classically animated films with, yes, hand-drawn cel animation and the attention to detail shows. Love the fact that the agency didn’t play the movie content straight, but added a bit of sarcasm to the bucolic scene. When the doe-eyed bunny gives a syrupy answer about friendship to the old man, the tiger snaps it back to reality, with an exasperated “Really?”; The spot is attention-grabbing, even if the message is a bit soft, considering the competitive edge that Netflix has over other on-demand TV is the unlimited downloads it offers for it’s $9 price, noted only in the final voiceover delivery.–Eleftheria Parpis