Net Radio News Traffic Rises During Attacks

In a new report released Tuesday, Portland, Ore.-based MeasureCast, an Internet radio measurement service, revealed substantial increases in Web listenership for online AM News/Talk station sites following the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, September 11. The surges in traffic reached, in at least one case, almost 9000 percent.

Some examples of the jump in Net news radio listening include KSCO-AM 1080 in Santa Cruz, Calif., which experienced a 669 percent increase in the number of hours streamed last Tuesday compared to the same day a week earlier. In total, the station streamed 2,254 hours of news coverage to 1,377 Web users. KZNE-AM 1150 in College Station, Texas, was the top news streamer with 2,181 hours last Tuesday. The week before it had streamed only 24 hours, representing an 8988 percent increase.

“Because major news organization’s Web sites were overwhelmed and operating slowly last Tuesday, and because many people don’t have TVs or radios in their offices, thousands of office workers tuned in to Internet radio to get the latest information on the terrible attacks,” said MeasureCast CEO Ed Hardy.

–For the week of Sept. 3-9, Internet Radio experienced a slight decrease in listenership. The drop was due in part to the Labor Day holiday, which fell on Monday, Sept. 3. Listenership on that day amounted to only 6.5 percent of the week’s total, compared with 16.75 percent the Monday of the week before.

–, a London-based Netcaster, was the number one Web station for the week of Sept. 3-9, with 165,564 hours streamed. Number 2:, with 121,154 hours streamed. was in third place with a little more than 100,000 hours.