N.E. Aquarium “Sharks + Rays”

The fun thing about sharks at an aquarium is that those scary creatures are on the other side of a thick sheet of glass, through which we can stick out our tongues at them. This distinguishes them from all the scary things in life that are on our own side off the glass, eager to tear us apart. A campaign for a sharks-and-rays exhibit at the New England Aquarium in Boston (via Mullen of Wenham, Mass.) does a deft job of combining the scary and fun elements. Some other executions in the series show a dorsal fin sticking out of the Charles River (or, in one case, out of a sidewalk) as a shark evidently pursues some prey. But teeth are what make sharks so sharky, and this ad makes excellent use of them. Locals will recognize the Weeks Bridge spanning the Charles River to connect Boston and Cambridge. And townies in the audience will no doubt enjoy the notion of a gigantic jaw chomping down on preppy collegiate oarsmen who row through this stretch of river. Other pleasing touches: The fin-like “A” in “Sharks” and the tail-like “Y” in “Rays.” –Mark Dolliver

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