National Agency Report Cards

This year, Adweek tried to make the grading process among agencies more equitable. We graded multiple-office, national and international agencies with billings of more than $500 million as peers. Comments on regional offices of a national or multinational agency appear in the national report card. Regional agencies are judged in the regional sections.
To measure the U.S. performance of full-service agencies, we used the following criteria. Grades are based on dollar increases and percentage gains.
Overall billings. Compares an agency”s full-year U.S. billings of “94 with “93. Billings are supplied by agencies or based on Adweek calculations.
New business. Accounts won by an agency where there was no prior U.S. connection to the client. Grades based on annualized billings reported for these accounts.
Growth from Existing Business. Estimated spending changes from current clients plus new assignments awarded by current clients.
Business Lost. Counts clients that dismissed an agency as well as accounts resigned. Agency data about losses was compared to new business. Grades based on annualized billings for these accounts.
Creativity. Seven TV spots and seven print ads from each agency were reviewed by Adweek staff. Consideration was given to creative quality, range of products worked on, clarity of message, production values and consistency of execution.
Management. Grades reflect how well agency executives handled personnel, client relations, finances, mergers and acquisitions, and other strategic issues.#
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