name your planet

Executives at Planet Design in Madison, Wis., decided they weren’t on the same planet that existed when they started the company 12 years ago.

The agency has changed its name to Planet Propoganda, a somewhat “tongue-in-cheek” vision of its expanded offerings and the marketing business, said John Besmer, principal and creative director.

“One day we looked around and Planet Design didn’t describe what we were anymore,” Besmer said, noting that the agency has evolved past its graphic design origins.

“Instead of describing ourselves by the realm in which we work, we decided on the name that said what we do, with a little more attitude,” Besmer said.

Besmer admits Planet Propoganda conjures up some misconceptions, just as Planet Design did.

“With propoganda in the name, [clients] expect us to be [jerks], hey, we’re just Midwest guys,” he said. “We’re not saving the world, let’s have some fun here.”