Nail Helps Polartec Tell Left From Right

BOSTON Nail Communications said it has launched an international multimedia campaign for Polartec.

Print, outdoor and TV executions are in the mix, as well as Web banners and a pair of viral Internet sites.

The campaign introduces the tagline “Forward fabric,” which becomes the company’s first tag in several years.

“The idea of high-tech fabric is still something a lot of consumers have a hard time grasping,” said Carol Valianti, vice president of global marketing at Polartec parent Malden Mills in Lawrence, Mass. “So we loved that the tagline was both inspirational and explanatory.”

A pair of 30-second spots use split screens to demonstrate the brand’s research and production process (left side) while showing the fabic being worn by athletes worldwide (right side).

The print campaign, currently launching in the U.S. and translated into four other languages for Europe, blends imagery of fabric engineers with the outdoor athletes whose performance is being enhanced by the materials they are wearing.

“We liked the juxtaposition of the dorky, technical environment of the engineers and the adventurous world of the outdoor athletes,” said Brian Gross, creative partner at Nail in Providence, R.I. “Those worlds intersect in the garment, and we thought this was a memorable way to demonstrate that.”

In an effort to connect with a broader, younger audience, Nail also developed two offbeat Web sites. features a game that lets users “shave” the nasty fur off an unhappy yeti and introduce him to the world of Polartec fabrics. is designed to look like the work of an eccentric, conspiracy theorist who believes that sheep are at the center of a plot to overthrow mankind—or at the very least make us itchy and uncomfortable.

The client spent $1 million on ads last year, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

—Adweek staff report